Lightweight modernisation

Lightweight modernisation

the Impact of Availability


Despite the rise of smartphone technology in the past 10 years, clinicians today find themselves without modern telephony and access to their colleagues, expertise and information at the right time.

CallMeSmart - access to people, expertise and information

By providing clinicians with real-time availability to the right people, expertise and information CallMeSmart provides the tools to transform healthcare and working conditions for clinical workers.


CallMeSmart is a simple and user-friendly smartphone application designed specifically to provide clinicians with modern and secure communications. 


cost effective modernisation

For complex organisations, the future of technology lies in systems designed to meet specific operational needs; and,

that work flexibly within the existing infrastructure and together with other complimentary systems. 


Low initial investment costs

CallMeSmart is a lightweight system that utilises existing network infrastructure, that can be implemented standalone or integrated with other systems and innovation. 


CallMeSmart uses standard commercially available hardware, compatible with your current environment and available through existing suppliers.


phased implementation, minimum organisational change

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector challenges the IT departments to coordinate large projects, involving technical, strategic and clinical departments. 

With CallMeSmart organisational change is an incremental process with the potential to create sustainable benefits, with minimal disruption to existing daily routines. 

Our flexible system fits with existing processes and routines, rather than prescribing wholesale change and a new way to organise.


Simplifying system implementation & management

CallMeSmart can be easily installed, set-up and managed by internal IT with minimal impact on other operations. 


Both smartphone application and our Administration Module are intuitive and user-friendly and require little learning to get underway. 


Personnel data and intelligence rules can be gradually added and tailored to meet departmental needs.

Tools to help organise work and create progressive change

CallMeSmart includes tools to improve communication in your department and organise your work and repsonsibilities. 


Our tools are designed to fit flexibly with the way your work is organised and managed, and can be adopted gradually and selectively, according to what works for each department.