- Closed loop network for secure voice over IP communications

- CallMeSmart server with communications and intelligent communications manager

- Android based smartphone application for clinicians

- Web based Administration Port for set up, configuration and management

- Integration with clinical systems such as PBX or alarms, and other innovation possible

- Built using software standards for standard hardware and infrastructure


System features

Intelligent Communications Server

complete unified communications platform - ready to install and set-up for use

  • CallMesmart is a Linux based system that integrates several virtual servers into a simple, unified communications platform.
  • Combined, the servers deliver real-time enterprise services including instant messaging (chat), user availability status, voice (IP telephony), mobility features (including extension mobility and single number reach), and call control with non-real-time communication services (unified messaging: integrated voicemail and text messages).
  • Server solution is a black box that does not require hospital administrators to access or configure. 
  • The system is delivered ready to install, connect to the network and begin operational setup.

Security & Network

secure closed loop network 

  • CallMeSmart utilises a sub-network of your existing wifi infrastructure to create a secure closed loop VLAN for communications

  • Only authorised devices, connected to the sub-newtork, can gain access to CallMeSmart through either the android smartphone application or the web-based administration portal.

  • Authentication of devices is secure through encrypted connections and thorough, standards-based identification

  • CallMeSmart prevents its devices being connected to other networks or exchanges

  • All data and user profiles are stored on the CallMeSmart server

  • All phones wiped of data and connection to server when leaving secure network


Software and Hardware

Lightweight and flexible innovation system

CallMeSmart is a lightweight system that utilises existing network infrastructure, that can be implemented standalone or integrated with other systems and innovation. 


CallMeSmart is built using global software standards, such as SIP, XMPP, LDAP and open systems, such as Linux and Android. These provide us with the flexibility, reliability and transparency we seek in offering a lightweight communications system,offering a small footprint solution with minimal hardware requirements and a flexible innovation solution for complex operating environments.


CallMeSmart uses standard commercially available hardware, compatible with your current environment and available through existing supplier

For smaller installations our system could run on small servers, such as the Intel NUC. The chosen hardware depends on the use in terms of number of users and the volume of calls and messages that they generate.


CallMeSmart Administration Module

Manageable system

  • Through the administration portal CallMeSmart is easy to set up and manage

  • The administration portal can be access through any web browser on a device connected to the CallMeSmart sub-network

  • Administrators and Internal IT have own secure login credentials to access administration portal

  • Minimal data and standard settings to get system started

  • Can be rolled out gradually adding features or rolling out to departments incrementally

  • Data and rules can be added to utilise features as and how they meet the needs of each department

Technical prerequisites


CallMeSmart is a voice over WIFI based communication system. As such, there must be sufficient WIFI coverage throughout all areas where CallMeSmart handsets will be used. The network specifications are as follows.

  • Designated sub-network on internal wifi network
  • The network router must be able to handle traffic between subnets
  • The WIFI network must be able to provide multiple SSIDs.
  • Subnetwork must allow for VPN access
  • Shared storage solution


Hardware requirements


Minimum setup: 2 pooled servers dedicated to CallMeSmart system and a storage repository, details stored on a third, bare metal server (not dedicated to CallMeSmart).


CallMeSmart is a Linux based system which uses XenServer as the hypervisor to manage the 4 virtual machines that constitute the communications system. Servers dedicated to CallMeSmart must compatible with  XenServer is listed here:


For a full-scale hospital implementation we recommend tow identical servers with the following minimum specifications:

  • Processor : 64bit, 3.1 GHz, 4 core, 8 MB Cache
  • Memory: 16 Gb dual-channel DDR4
  • Storage: 2 x 1TB HHD
  • Network connection : Dual 1000 Mbps
  • Miscellaneous : 1 USB port, 1 graphics port (VGA, DVI, HDMI or Mini DisplayPort)

In case of server failures the CMS system should be set up to handle failover, through the 2 identical servers.



  • Standard Android-based smartphone
  • Android version 5.0.1 – 6.0.1 (latter recommended)
  • 802.11k, 5GHz, antenna & cover important for performance
  • Battery-life and charging facilities important for operation performance
  • Mic and speakers impact user experience
  • Form-factor for clinicians an important consideration