Intelligent clinical Communication

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CallMeSmart is an intelligent communications system for high data security and operationally complex working environments such as hospitals and clinics. It comprises 3 main parts:


1) Clinical smartphone application with secure communications


2) Secure “closed-loop” unified communications platform,  with healthcare grade security


3) Intelligent, “context aware”, communications manager that automates the routing of all communications, in real-time to the most appropriate person

Product features


Secure clinical communications

- Secure calls and messaging

     - VoIP calls

     - Text messaging

- One device for multiple information

     - Native applications

     - Pagers / Alarms

Smart contact

- Intelligent Phonebook

- Person Availability status

- Call to Role with automated routing

- Call to Specialism with automated routing

- Automated call escalation:

     - to the most appropriate available person

     - to an alternative role

     - to an attending team colleague

Smart workflow

- Organisational workflow tools

- Daily roles and responsibilities

- Remote input of user roles, responsibilities, department

- Automatic or manual availability

- Context awareness

- Pre-set rules and data mirroring the specific environment

- Dynamic user settings from handset


Daily workflow tasks – dynamic data input

CallMeSmart distributes administration and overrides rigid planning by collecting data directly from the user.

From the handset, the user quickly and easily confirms his duties. At any time, they can review their responsibilities such as duty tasks or bed allocations, and update input as and when needed.


CallMeSmart Administration Portal

- Manage system setup, network access and integrations

- Add and manage organisational structure and map

- Add and remove users and context data

- Create teams, roles and responsibilities that mirror your workplace

- Manage rules for automated of communication escalation

- Bulk data upload and extraction 


CallMeSmart Standard Integration Modules