Security and Transparency

Meeting strictest regulatory requirements

Hospitals and healthcare institutions need a clinical grade communications platform to protect sensitive patient data and meet the security standards set by governments and regulatory bodies around the world. 


Closed loop network security & access protocols

CallMeSmart communication system operates in a dedicated,  closed network and is built to secure the communication of sensitive data. It is designed to meet level 4 data security standards.


The CallMeSmart server, where all communication data is stored, is only accessible by the authorized Android application user and the authorized web portal administrator.


Only devices on the correct network can log into either the CallMeSmart mobile application or Administration module and the device is wiped of all data when leaving the secure network environment.

Independence and minimised Data exposure

Standalone systems that use and store minimal data create least risk for clinical organisations and the general public.

CallMeSmart requires only minimal organisational data, can be set up and operated completely independently of all other systems and databases and by default has no exposure to patient health records.

Standalone unified communications system

Callmesmart provides an open and cost efficient solution based on standard components.  Assembled in a standalone and complete communication system, it provides secure voice over wifi, messaging and data access.


Using minimal employee and orgainsational data CallMeSmart can provide all the modernising benefits of smartphone technology and the clinical efficiencies of intelligent clinical communications.


Transparency and Reliability

Using software standards provides reassurance of globally tested solutions and opens endless possibilities for testing and adopting new innovations to help improve your hospital or clinic.  

Reliable and transparent - software standards

CallMeSmart communication system is based on big community opensource systems such as Android and Linux. Our solution is designed to secure the communication of sensitive data.


CallMeSmart uses global software standards and open systems, such as Linux and Android, which are supported by a global community of developers and provide the reliability and transparency we seek.

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An open innovation platform - handing back control to Internal IT

Based on software standards CallMeSmart is compatible to work alongside, host or integrate with other standards based software.


CallMeSmart integrates seamlessly with existing hospital infrastructure such as fixed-line telecoms, pagers and alarms management systems.


know your systems and what you pay

We aim to provide your organisation with all the knowledge and expertise to manage CallMeSmart internally - helping hospitals reduce spending on unnecessary support and consulting services while increasing transparency into the cost of systems. 

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CallMeSmart - reducing costs of systems management

CallMeSmart is a system that does not need expert consultants to help install, set-up and make changes.  


We have developed a Smartphone application that is intuitive to the end user and, through our Administration Module, all data and organisation settings can be easily set up and managed by internal IT.