Clinical efficiencies

30% of clinicians time is spent looking for others and facilitating internal communication


Research tells us that 15% of a clinicians time is wasted due to poor systems, routines and internal communication. 

CallMeSmart automates the process of reaching the right person at the right time, minimising time spent searching for others and making time for clinicians to spend on patient care

Intelligent communication - increasing reachability

CallMeSmart is an intelligent system that uses context data about its end-users to automate the routing of communications to the single most suitable and available person.


CallMeSmart keeps a real-time availability status for all users, which is used by the system to determine reachability of a person and how a communication to the person should be handled.


CallMeSmart ensures you can always reach the right expertise in your organisation when you need to.


FEWER COMMUNICATIONS, fewer interruptions - less stress

We know that a combination of multi-tasking and interruptions are the leading cause of workplace stress among hospital workers.

CallMeSmart reduces the total number of communications clinicians experience in a normal working day.

Automated communication efficiency

When a colleague is unavailable the system uses basic context data such as specialism, roles and responsibilities to automatically find the most appropriate alternative person to connect you to.


Connected to the right person first time reduces the numbers of missed calls and callbacks required to get the information you need.


CallMeSmart selects the single most appropriate and available recipient for each communication and only send to multiple people where specifically set up to do so (such as for heart stop alarms). 


Tools for COMMUNICATION based on roles and responsibilities

With daily work organised in shifts, by department or by specialism, it is difficult to know who to call when you need a specific piece of information or access to specific expertise.

This is a principle challenge for clinicians today and a key way that CallMeSmart creates clinical efficiencies. 

Smart phonebook.png

Smart phone book and workflow tools

CallMeSmart offers tools that allow communications to be organised based on how work is shared and distributed in a department or across an entire clinic or hospital.


Our smart phone book presents users with their colleagues real-time availability and automatically connects them to workers based on specific roles, responsibilities, expertise or daily tasks.